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Drought Indices
   • Standardized
     Index (SPI)
       • Monitoring
          • U.S.
          • Global
       • Prediction
          • U.S.
          • Global
   • Palmer Drought
     Indices (PDSI)

   • Crop Moisture

   • Soil Moisture
     (based on NLDAS)

   • Standardized
     Runoff Index
     (based on NLDAS)

   • Integrated
     Drought Index
     (based on NLDAS)


Surface Temperature
   • Maximum/Minimum
   • Mean

Surface Hydrology
(based on NLDAS)

   • Total Soil Moisture
   • Total SM Change
   • MOSAIC Soil
     Moisture Profile

   • NOAH Soil
     Moisture Profile

   • NOAH Soil T Profile
   • Evaporation
   • E-P
   • Runoff
   • Snow Cover
   • Snow Water Equiv.
   • Drought Mean

Soil Moisture
     (based on leaky
       bucket model)

Topsoil Moisture
     (based on USDA)

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Drought Indices
Standardized Runoff Index
3-Month 6-Month 12-Month
Topo Map
12 Month Runoff Index Ensemble
12 Month Runoff Index Mosaic
12 Month Runoff Index NOAH
12 Month Runoff Index SAC
 12 Month Runoff Index VIC
Notes about this product:
  • Drought classification: D1 -0.8 > SRI > -1.2; D2 -1.3 > SRI > -1.5; D3 -1.6 > SRI > -1.8; and D4 SRI < -2.
  • Data source: North American Land Data Assimilation System (NLDAS)
  • GeoTIFF: Undefined value is -999.
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