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CTB Funded Projects
Investigators Project Title

Funded Projects for FY13 (funding period: August 2013 - July 2016)

Christopher Bretherton, Joao Teixeira, Hualu Pan, Jean-Christoph Gola CPT to improve cloud and boundary layer processes in GFS/CFS
Steven K. Krueger, Shrinivas Moorthi, Robert Pincus, David A. Randall, Peter A. Bogenschutz A CPT for Improving Turbulence and Cloud Processes in the NCEP Global Models

Funded Projects for FY12 (funding period: August 2012 - July 2014)

Kirtman, Kinter, Paolino, Tippett, Barnston, Pegion, Schubert, Reinecker, Suarez, van den Dool, Mendez, Huang, Weaver, Zhang, Gottschalck, Tribbia, Middleton, Wood A U.S. National Multi-Model Ensemble ISI Prediction Experiment - Phase II NMME

Funded Projects for FY11 (August 2011 - July 2012)

Kirtman, van den Dool, Huang , Kinter, Pegion, Rosati, Saha, Schubert, DeWitt and Tippett National Multi-Model Ensemble (NMME) Prediction System - Phase 1 NMME Implementation Plan

Funded Projects for FY10 (August 2010 - July 2013)

DelSole, Tippett & van den Dool Incorporating Scale and Predictability Information in Multi-model Ensemble Climate Predictions
Wang & Waliser Multi-Model Ensemble Forecast of MJO
Wood & Lettenmaeir Enhancing operational drought monitoring and prediction products through synthesis of N-LDAS and CPPA research results
Xie, Johnson, L'Heureux, Collins & Gottschalk Improved Extended Range Prediction through a Bayesian Approach Exploiting the Enhanced Predictability Offered by the Madden-Julian Oscillation..
Zeng, Kalnay & Kumar Seasonal Prediction for Ecosystems and Carbon Cycle Using NCEP/CFS and a Dynamic Vegetation Model
Bretherton, Mechoso, Park & Teixeira CPT for Improving the Representation of the Stratocumulus to Cumulus Transition in Climate Models

Funded Projects for FY09 (August 2009 - July 2012)

Schubert, Rienecker, Suarez, Chang, Peņa, Zhu, Yang, Iredel Development of Subseasonal Ensemble Forecast Techniques
Perlwitz, Long, Alpert & Iredell CFS Stratosphere Improvement
Ide, Kalnay, Miyoshi & Wang Multi-model Ensemble Reanalysis System (MERS) Using the 4D-Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter (4D-LETKF)
Anderson, Mo, Svoboda, Wardlow, Zhan, Mecikalski, Kustas & Brown A GOES Thermal-Based Drought Early Warning Index For NIDIS

Funded Projects for FY08 (August 2008 - July 2010)

Goddard, Tippett, Mason, Peņa, van den Dool Recalibrating and Combining Ensemble Predictions
Jones & Gottschalck Probabilistic forecasts of extreme events and weather hazards over the United States.
Doty, Silva, Halpert & Adams Enabling the Transition of CPC Products to GIS Format.
Cane, Wang & Xue Generation and Evaluation of Long-Term Retrospective Forecasts with NCEP Climate Forecast System: Predictability of ENSO and Drought.
Kirtman & van den Dool Multi-Model Ensemble Climate Prediction with CCSM and CFS.
Annamalai & Kumar Development of an Extended and Long-range Precipitation Prediction System over the Pacific Islands.
Lyon & Kumar New Tools for North American Drought Prediction.

Funded Projects for FY07

Hartmann & O'Lenic System-wide advancement of user-centric climate forecast products.

Funded Projects for FY06

DelSole Using Initial tendency errors to reduce systematic errors, identify model errors, and construct stochastic parameterizations.
Fox-Rabinovitz Development of neural network emulations of model physics components for improving the computational performance of the NCEP seasonal climate forecasts.
McPhaden, Xue, & Behringer The Ocean Component of the NCEP ENSO CFS.

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