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Afghanistan Weather Hazards Assessment

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Afghan Region Weather Hazards Threshold Levels

  • High Winds: 25-50 kts (45-90 km/hr) lowlands, >50 kts (90 km/hr)
  • Extreme Temps: <0F (-18C), >90F (32C)
  • Extreme Windchill: < -18F (-28C), <-40F (-40C)
             mention in text
  • Heavy Precip: > 1 inch (25 mm) in 24 hours
  • Snowfall: > 10 inches (250 mm) in 24 hours
  • Visibility (desired): Widespread valley fog, near 0 vis, Mountains obscured
  • Dust storms: Combo of dryness and wind SW Afghan
             surface winds 15-25 kts (25-45 km/hr)
             > 25 kts (45 km/hr)
  • Ice storms (desired)
  • Strong Thunderstorms >35kts (65 km/hr), > inch (125 mm) hail
  • Long Term Drought or short-term relief
  • Favorable Weather

The following graphic indicates standard UN geographic zones:

Standard UN geographic zones


The Weekly Afghanistan Weather Hazards Assessment product was originally created to help support USAF activities within the region, but it has evolved into a humanitarian-oriented document. Authors at NOAA's Joint Agricultural Weather Facility use information from the Climate Prediction Center, Air Force Weather Agancy, USAID, and FEWS-NET to create a weekly updating weather and climate forecast for Afghanistan and the immediately surrounding area. Following a Tuesday weather briefing, the authors compile relevant information into a draft document, submit it for comments, and disseminate the final product every Wednesday. The purpose of the product is to provide short to medium term forecasts (1-7 days) for adverse weather conditions, as well as to update the hydrological climatic conditions, in relation to possible humanitarian activities in the region.

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