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Afghanistan Precipitation Estimates

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Daily precipitation estimates are created for the Afghanistan area using a method originally implemented over the Africa domain. Inputs to the daily product include surface-based rain gauge data from the GTS network, microwave satellite precipitation estimates from the AMSU-B and SSM/I polar orbiting instruments, and geostationary satellite infrared precipitation data based on the GOES Precipitation Index method. Daily, errors are calculated for each satellite input to determine a weighting coefficient for each, then they are combined to form a single satellite rainfall input. The second step in createing the final product involves merging the satellite input with rain gauge data to further increase the accuracy of the product. Weekly accumulated products are a straightforward addition of daily estimates. Final resolution is 0.1 degree (~8km) and all products are archived internally for later possible research. See the links below for a further explanation of the algorithm.

General Description
Technical Description (pdf)
2002 Conference Presentation (ppt)

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