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GIS-Formatted Data -- operational

The CPC FEWS-NET team has recently implemented many GIS routines into its operational processes. Most files are available in ESRI GRID format and additional material is added routinely.

Daily CMORPH Global
Rainfall Estimates
here Readme file
Daily 37.5km
Global Rainfall
here Readme file
Africa RFE2.0
Daily, Dekadal, and Monthly GRIDs
Available. Contact for data

RFE1.0 10-Day Rainfall Estimates

RFE 1.0 10-Day Africa rainfall estimates were produced from 1995-2000 by the Climate Prediction Center in support of the USAID/FEWS project. Estimates were produced by combining satellite temperature data, rain guage measurements, and modeled wind and relative humidity to obtain dekadal precipitation totals from 20W-55E, 40S-20N with 0.1 degree resolution. For further explanation, see:

Objectively Determined 10 Day African Rainfall Estimates Created For Famine Early Warning Systems

.bil files: 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
.dat files: 1995-2000
other: readme rfe1_dat_to_ascii.f
convert_rfe1.f (incl header)

RFE1.0 One Day Rainfall Estimates

RFE 1.0 1-day Africa rainfall estimates were produced in a similar manner to 10-Day estimates, although summing one day estimates over a ten day period do not produce identical results. Daily rainfall files are available from 1998-2000, with an extended domain available for 2000 (to 40 degrees N).

.bil files: 1998 1999 2000 Extended 2000
.dat files:

RFE2.0 Rainfall Estimates -- operational

Beginning January 1, 2001 RFE version 2.0 replaced RFE1.0 as the operational CPC Africa rainfall algorithm. Along with a dramatically reduced processing time, the new algorithm gives increased assuracy and enhanced code portability. The output domain is 20W-55E, 40S-40N with a 0.1 degree resolution, and each day's time scale is 6Z-6Z. Output files are in binary format containing a 751x801 array of floating point rainfall estimates. Ten day estimates are created by summing daily output data. For additional information, see:

CPC Africa Rainfall Estimation 2.0 Technical Description.

daily estimates: 01/01/2001-current
10-day totals: 12/01/1999-current
Mozambique RFE: 01/01/2002-current
GrADS tools: .gs script .ctl file other items
other: daily readme 10day readme
convert_rfe2.f (header incl)

Africa Hazards Assessments -- operational

Beginning in 2001, weekly meteorological Hazards Assessments are produced for the Africa continent to monitor any weather or climate related areas of concern throughout the area. Beginning in February 2002, seperate graphic and text products were disseminated. All archived products from 2001 through May 2002 are in .gif format, but the Hazard Explanations are simple .txt files beginning May 2002.

graphics and text explanations: 01/01/2001-current

Weekly Weather Summaries -- operational

Archived weekly weather summaries and hazards preambles are available for 2001. This link will take the user to a clickable html page where any weather summary may be selected for review. Summaries will be added as time allows.

Weekly Summaries: 2001

Africa Intertropical Convergence Zone Monitoring -- operational

Ten day mean positions of the Africa ITCZ have been monitored since 1988 for the region from 15°W to 35°E. Daily analyses of the ITCZ position are found by hand interpolation of 15° Celcius surface dewpoint and modeled surface wind streamline maps. Dekadal values are simple averages of daily position, and climatological means are computed using the previous years' analyses. Monitoring is done from April thru October, and current products may be found at:

Dekadal ITCZ Positions: 1988-current Spreadsheet

FEWS-NET Technical Meeting Presentations --

Presentations from semi-regular FEWS-NET Technical Meetings are available at this location.

Technical Meeting Presentations: Archive

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