A Comparison of seasonal mean anomalies between the AMIP simulation for NCEP, IRI/ECHAM, CCM3, GFDL, NSIPP and ECPC/SFM system starting for the period 2000 to current based on 1950-1999 climatology


1. (a) Time-longitude cross-section for meridionally averaged (10S-10N) anomalies for



1. (b) Time-latitude cross-section for zonally averaged anomalies for


3. Spatial correlation between seasonal mean observed and model simulated anomalies for


a. 200 hPa height anomaly

b. Precipitation anomaly

c. SST anomaly

d. Land Temperature anomaly

4. Running seasonal mean anomalies and grid to grid agreement between the models and observation


year 2000

year 2001

year 2002

year 2003

year 2004

year 2005

year 2006

year 2007

year 2008

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