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Global Hazards Briefing Sequence 
  1. Time-Lon OLR EQ: CPC, CDC, BMRC
  2. Time-Lon OLR NH: CDC, BMRC
  3. Time-Lon OLR SH: CDC, BMRC
  4. Spatial OLR: BMRC 3day, CPC 5day, CDC 7day, BMRC 7day, CPC 30day
  5. Time-Lat OLR: 60-80E, 80-100E, 100-120E, 120-140E
  6. Time-Lon 850 winds: CPC 5S-5N
  7. Spatial 850 Total winds: 5days, 10days
  8. Spatial 850 Anom winds: 5days, 10days, 30days
  9. Spatial 500 Heights: 5day NH, 5day SH
  10. Hemis 500 Hgt Loop: 30day NH, 30day SH
  11. Global 200 Hgt Loop: 30day
  12. Spatial 200 winds: 5day Tropics, 5day NH, 5day SH
  13. Spatial 200 Streamfunction: 10day, 30day
  14. Time-Lon Velocity Potential: 5S-5N, 10-20N
  15. Velocity Potential Loop: Global
  16. Circulation Loops: CDC
  17. SST: Monthly Anom, Weekly Anom, Weekly Pacific, Weekly AT/AF, Pacific Loop, Nino Indices, Daily
  18. Ocean Sub-surface: Time-Lon HC, Pacific Cross-section
  19. Satellite Imagery: CPC Global, USAID/FEWS, NRL, UW/ATL, UW/WPAC, UW/EPAC, UW/SEPAC, UW/IO, AMNH
  20. Tropical Waves: UW Wave Tracking
  21. Global Precipitation: CMORPH, Annual Cycle
  22. Regional Precipitation: SA, Africa, SE Asia, S Asia, Australia
  23. MJO Indices: Wheeler, Seasonal Variance, CPC
  24. AAM: CDC Oper, CDC Reanalysis
  25. Forecasts 
  26. Statistical Forecasts: Wheeler, Jones, EWP
  27. GFS Wind: 5day 850 mb, 5day 200 mb
  28. Dynamical Forecasts: GFS/CFS, GFS CHI, NCO GFS, FNMOC
  29. Wind Shear Forecasts: CPC GFS, PSU
  30. GFS Precipitation: Global, NA, CA, SA, EU, AS, AU
  31. CDC ENS Precipitation: Totals, Anomalies
  32. NCEP ENS Precipitation: Totals, Anomalies
  33. CFS Precipitation: African Sahel
  34. Tropical Cyclones: NHC, JTWC, NRL, PR CIRES
  35. Miscellaneous 
  36. TC Tracks: ATL, EPC, WPC, SIO, NIO, SPC
  37. Subtropical Ridge Index: WAtl, EAtl
  38. Global Flooding: Dartmouth
  39. MJO Winter Composites: CHI, OLR, 850 winds, Precip, SLP
  40. MJO Summer Composites: CHI, OLR, 850 winds, Precip, SLP
  41. ENSO Related Impacts: El Nino, La Nina
  42. Synoptic Dynamic Model: Description
  43. Monsoons: Webster/Yang Index, Monsoon Online
  44. Storm Tracks: NH, SH
  45. Indian Ocean Dipole: JAMSTEC
  46. Verification 
  47. Latest Preliminary: Week 1, Week 2

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