Purpose: This product is intended to provide the public, emergency managers, planners and forecasters advance notice of potential threats related to climate, weather and hydrologic events. It integrates existing NWS medium- (3-5) day, extended- (6-10 day, 11-14 day) and long- (monthly and seasonal) range model and official forecasts, and hydrologic analyses and forecasts, which use state-of-the-art science and technology in their formulation.

When using this assessment, please keep in mind that the models used to produce this assessment change, sometimes markedly, from one day to the next, even in the shortest ranges. Also, the medium range forecast models have crude topography and do not, in general, handle local orographic effects very well. Local forecasters are in the best position to interpret such local effects, especially in the shorter forecast time ranges. Also, Local NWS offices should always be consulted for detailed information and forecasts of potentially severe weather and hydrologic conditions.

The U.S. Threats Assessment is issued by 4 P.M. Eastern Time on Tuesday each week, but may be updated later. Many of the graphics which are clickable from the text are automatically updated each day at noon. Therefore, graphics and text will, in general not match up, except from Tuesday afternoon through noon Wednesday.