Sources of Reanalysis Data

Current Sources of Data

One source of data are the annual Reanalysis CD-ROMs. Cost is only $10/cd + $10 shipping (per order, $15 foreign). They also have a "synoptic" Reanalysis CD-ROM has global 00Z analyses from 1979-1996. These CD-ROMs are available from NCAR.

The March 1996 issue of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society has a CD-ROM of Reanalysis data for 1982-1994.

NCEP-NOMADS (Camp Springs, MD, USA) has a big online archive. The rotating archive is updated daily and the long-term archive is updated by the 5th of the month for the previous month. This is the only on-line source of current CDAS/Reanalysis data.

NCAR (Boulder, CO, USA) gets the complete Reanalysis Output. Outside users can obtain tapes for a fee. They are equipped to handle data distribution and are able to answer some questions. Some datasets are freely available over the internet.

ESRL/PSD, the center once known as CDC, (Boulder CO, USA) also receives the complete Reanalysis Output. The have been providing outside users with NetCDF data on DLT tapes. They have been very active in screening the data and providing feedback. In addition, they have a large subset of the data online, have software to read NetCDF and are able to answer some questions.

NCDC (Ashville, NC, USA) is the official US government archive for climate information and have a copy of NCEP Reanalyses. The NOMADS site at NCDC has some reanalysis data.

The Reanalysis output is not under a copyright. If you have a friend who has access to the data, ask him/her to make you a copy.

Reading the Data

Most of the Reanalysis output is in GRIB-1 which is a WMO standard.

updated: 3/14/2007
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