IBM/SP2 Conversion

CDAS/Reanalysis Project started running on a CRAY Y/MP. Later, we moved to a CRAY J16. Now, our CRAY J's have been removed and have been replaced by an IBM SP/2. The conversion to the IBM was a major conversion as one might expect.

The CDAS/Reanalysis conversion was tested by running the systems on both the Cray and IBM SP/2. For the final test, the systems were run for a month and the output were compared. After successful testing, we started running on the IBM SP/2 version starting with the May 1, 2000 analysis.


Benefits of the Conversion

  • The source code to the various post-processors (spectral->pgb,
    spectral->sigma grid, spectral->isentropic) have been made
    portable. The w3lib grib routines are also portable. Source
    code is or will be made available upon request.
  • The reanalysis forecast model is more-or-less portable. A linux
    (g77) version is possible.
  • The rotating archive will have more variables.
  • CDAS will run when the Crays are decommissioned.

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