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CPC Outlook Archive

Observation Data

File names: cd102t.dat , cd102p.dat

These two ASCII datasets contain the monthly NCDC climate division - based regional data for the mean monthly temperature (cd102t.dat) and total precipitation amount (cd102p.dat).

These are the digital version of the outlooks as issued by CPC forecasters each month. Forecasts are produced in graphical (map) form that display probability anomaly for the most likely category (above, near or below median) and then are interpolated to the forecast divisions.

Data are grouped according to the initial time of the outlook, and the lead time. Each forecast is identified by a header record that identifies the month that the forecast was issued forecast and its lead time. Two groups of data follow each header record; the first contains the forecast values for the probability of the below normal class, and the second contains the forecast probability of above normal.

Line type 1 (Header): IY,IM,IH,NSTA,ITYPE

Variables Definitions
IY = Year (ie. 1997)
IM = Month (1=Jan ... 12=Dec)
IH = Data id. (3=monthly means/totals.)
NSTA = Number of data values.
ITYPE = Data identification 0=NCDC final, 1=NCDC preliminary, 2=CPC estimate

Line type 2: V(I,I=1,NSTA)
FORTRAN FORMAT: Temperature: ((12F6.1)/)
Precipitation: ((12F6.2)/)

Variables Definitions
V(I) = The mean temperature (°F) or the total precipitation in inches for region I

Data Set Usage
This data set is used to obtain observations for the forecast division data. The regions are defined in file: regdict.txt

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