About the North American Multi-Model Ensemble

When using the NMME data, please cite the BAMS article describing the project (Kirtman et al. 2014) and in the acknowledgements please note that the NMME project and data dissemination is supported by NOAA, NSF, NASA and DOE. Please also acknowledge the help of NCEP, IRI and NCAR personnel in creating, updating and maintaining the NMME archive. Thank you.
NMME News:
  1. As a portion of the CanSIPS, GEM_NEMO has been upgraded by GEM5_NEMO in the Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) after November 2021.
  2. As of the Feb 2021 run, GFDL FLOR and CM2.1 will be replaced with GFDL SPEAR
  3. CMC1 and CMC2 discontinued and replaced by CanCM4i and GEM_NEMO after August 2019.
  4. Ensemble means of NMME for T2m and prate are averaged for 7 models include CanCM4i and GEM_NEMO in November 2019.