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Climate Test Bed PI's Meeting

October 6, 2011

Fort Worth, TX


Agenda (PDF)

(A) MME:

0. Huang:Overview on NOAA Climate Test Bed (CTB) 
1. Kirtman:ENSO Prediction with CCSM3 and CCSM4
2. Tippett:Recalibrating and Combining Ensemble Predictions
3. Wang, B:Multi-Model Ensemble Forecast of MJO: Progress of ISV Hindcast Experiment (ISVHE) and Preliminary Results
4. Schubert: Progress in the Development of Subseasonal Ensemble Forecast techniques
5. Jia:Is Unequal Weighting Significantly Better than Equal Weighting for Multi-Model Forecasting
6. Kirtman:Overview of the US National Multi-Model Ensemble (NMME) ISI Prediction System
7. vanden Dool:The National Multi Model Ensemble (NMME) for Seasonal Prediction at NCEP

(B) CFS Evaluation

8. Terxeira:NCEP Climate Process Team
9. Perlwitz:CFS Stratosphere Improvement
10. Wang, W.:Generation and Evaluation of Long-Term Forecasts with NCEP CFS

(C) Improving ISI Forecasts and Products

11. Annamalai:Assessment of CFS Seasonal Forecast over the US Affiliated Pacific Islands
12. Johnson:A Framework for Incorporating MJO, ENSO, and Storm Track Variability into CPC Probabilistic Extended Range Forecasts
13. Jones:Spatio-temporal Variations in Extreme Precipitation in the contiguous US and the MJO
14. Kinter:Enabling the Transition of CPC Products to GIS Format
15. Wood:Progress of Enhancing Operational Drought Monitoring & Prediction Products through Synthesis of NLDAS & CPPA Results
16. Lyon:Objective, Probabilistic, and Verifiable Seasonal Predictions of Meteorological Drought
17. Hain:A GOES Thermal-Based Drought Early Warning Index for NIDIS
18. ZengPredicting Ecosystems and Carbon Cycle using NCEP/CFS Seasonal-Interannual predictions

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