Pywgrib2_s CookBook

Writen by: Wesley Ebisuzaki

the website created by: Li Xu


Pywgrib2_s is a python package for reading and writing grib2 which is a World Meterological Organization (WMO) format for exchanging meteorological and oceanographic gridded data. The specifications for the grib2 (grib version 2) format are available from the WMO, and several libraries are available for reading and writing grib2. Pywgrib2_s is based on the fortran wgrib2api and the wgrib2 library.

The design goals of pywgrib2_s are a simple interface, minimal requirements for additional python modules/packages, and the ability to program for efficient I/O. Since pywgrib2_s is uses the wgrib2 library, search terms are based on wgrib2 terms. For example, searching for the 2 meter temperature is done by, var="TMP", lev="2 m above ground".


The documentation for is on-line at this link

Functions index

Functions index



Download the whole cookbook codes with data at this link

License is in the public domain.

Please send comments, improvements, bug reports to depends on the wgrib2 library which is mixture of public domain, codes with various licenses.