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Long Lead Briefing Sequence 
  1. Verifications: Seasonal, Monthly
  2. SST Anim: Glbl, Pac, Atl/E Pac
  3. Coastal SST Anom: Alaska, W Coast, E Coast
  4. Hazards: 200mb Wind Anoms, 850mb Wind Anoms, OLR Anoms
  5. EQPAC T-Depth Plot
  6. EQPAC T-Depth Anim: Wk, Mon
  7. ENSO Bull: Text, Fig 1, Fig 2, Fig 3, Fig 4
  8. Sea Level Anim: Wk, Mon
  9. TAO Data Plots
  10. 7d SST: Pac, Atl/E Pac
  11. Obs P: 1/7d, 30d, 90d
  12. Z Loops: NH, Globe
  13. Indices
  14. Rivers: Map, Table
  15. Snow: Rutgers, NOHRSC, NESDIS, NRCS Snotel, NRCS, CDEC
  16. Cities Temp
  17. Cities Precip
  18. OCN (1971-2000), OCN (1981-2010), EOCN
  19. ENS CCA
  20. Soil Mst Mon & Pred
  21. CAS: Mon, Sea, Skill, CPC Soil Moisture, Soil F
  22. SST CA: Menu, 500mb, Temp, Prec, SST
  23. CFSv2: Seasonal, Monthly
  24. NMME
  25. CFS Hindcast Skill
  26. ESRL: Fcst, Risks, Ver
  27. IRI Fcst Page
  28. Scripps: SST, Temp/Prcp
  29. Niño 3.4: CPC, IRI, ESRL, CFS Mon, CFS Seas
  30. Cons Fcsts
  31. Tools: 90-Day, 30-Day
  32. Mon Anom: Temp, Prcp
  33. Composites
  34. IRI Ens: Temp, Prcp, 500mb, MM (GLBL), MM (NA)
  35. Markov: Eq Pac SST, Nino 3.4 Fcst
  36. NCEP's Global Ocean Data Assimilation System
  37. Historical 500mb OBS
  38. CPC Fcst Archive

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