Experimental Long-Lead Bulletin

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September 1996

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Dynamically Based Forecasts for Tropical Pacific SST for December 1996 Using an Improved Hybrid Coupled Ocean-Atmospheric Model -- Tim Barnett, David Pierce, Nicholas Graham and Mojib Latif

Forecasts of Tropical Pacific SST Using a Simple Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamical Model -- Stephen Zebiak and Mark Cane

Forecasts of Tropical Pacific SST Using a Comprehensive Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamical Model -- Ming Ji, Arun Kumar and Ants Leetmaa

Tropical Pacific SST Predictions with a Coupled GCM --Ben Kirtman, Bohua Huang, J. Shukla and Zhengxin Zhu

Forecasts of Niño 3 Tropical Pacific SST Using a Low Order Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamical Model -- Richard Kleeman

Forecasts of Tropical Pacific SST Using a Dynamical Ocean Model Coupled to a Statistical Atmosphere -- Magdalena Balmaseda, David Anderson and Michael Davey

CCA Forecast for Eastern African Rainfall in Oct-Nov-Nov 1996 -- Wassila Thiao and Anthony Barnston

Forecast of Pacific-Indian Ocean SSTs Using Linear Inverse Modeling -- Cecile Penland, Klaus Weickmann and Catherine Smith

Early August Forecast of Atlantic Tropical Storm Activity for the Balance of the 1996 Season, Using Poisson Models -- James Elsner, Gregor Lehmiller and Todd Kimberlain

LAD Multiple Linear Regression Forecasts of Atlantic Tropical Storm Activity for 1996 -- William Gray, Christopher Landsea, Paul Mielke, Kenneth Berry and John Knaff

Forecasts of Niño 3 SST Using a Data Assimilating Neural Network Model -- Benyang Tang, William Hsieh and Fred Tangang

Analogue (Non-Linear) Forecasts of the Southern Oscillation Index Time Series -- Wasyl Drosdowsky

Forecasts of Equatorial Pacific SST Anomalies and SOI Based on Singular Spectrum Analysis Combined with the Maximum Entropy Method -- Ning Jiang, Michael Ghil and J. David Neelin

Complex Singular Spectrum Analysis and Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines Applied to Forecasting the Southern Oscillation -- Christian Keppenne and Upmanu Lall

Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) Experimental Forecasts of Canadian Temperature and Precipitation--Jan-Feb-Mar 1997 -- Amir Shabbar and Anthony Barnston

Precipitation Forecasts for the Tropical Pacific Islands Using Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) --Yuxiang He and Anthony Barnston

Forecasts of Surface Temperature and Precipitation Anomalies over the U.S. Using Screening Multiple Linear Regression -- David Unger

Constructed Analogue Prediction of the East Central Tropical Pacific SST through Winter 1997-98 -- Huug van den Dool

Consolidated Forecasts of Tropical Pacific SST in Niño 3.4 Using Two Dynamical Models and Two Statistical Models -- David Unger, Anthony Barnston, Huug van den Dool and Vern Kousky

Brief Summary of NCEP's Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA), Optimal Climate Normals (OCN), and NCEP Coupled Model Forecasts for U.S. Surface Climate -- Anthony Barnston

[Summary of Forecasts] [Purpose] [Editorial Policy]