This publication monitors current and developing climate variations and is issued as conditions warrant. Questions should be directed as follows:

     Area of Concern	               Source	                          Telephone Number

Current Climate Information  Climate Prediction Center, NWS
	                     Climate Operations Branch	                    (301) 763-4670
	                     Analysis Branch	                            (301) 763-8227
                             Prediction Branch	                            (301) 763-8155
Regional Climate Centers     Northeast RCC                                  (607) 255-5950
                             Southeast RCC                                  (803) 737-0800
                             Midwest RCC                                    (217) 244-1488
                             Southern RCC                                   (504) 388-6184
                             High Plains RCC                                (402) 472-6706
                             Western RCC                                    (702) 677-3103
Public Information	     NWS Public Affairs	                            (301) 713-0622
Historical Perspective	     NESDIS National Climatic Data Center           (704) 271-4800
Water Supply/Forecasts	     NWS Office of Hydrology*	                    (301) 713-1630
Wildfires	             National Interagency Coordination Center       (208) 387-5512
Agriculture	             USDA World Agricultural Outlook Board          (202) 720-3508
	                     USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service  (202) 720-2157
	                     Joint Agricultural Weather Facility	    (202) 720-7917
Drought Planning             National Drought Mitigation Center             (402) 472-6707

*There are 13 National Weather Service River Forecast Offices throughout the U.S. that provide water supply forecasts. Call the above number for the River Forecast Center with responsibility for your area of interest.

The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) provides climate products and services consisting of operational prediction of climate variations, monitoring of the climate system and development of databases for determining current global and regional climate anomalies and trends, and analysis of their origins and linkages to the complete climate system. These services cover climate time-scales ranging from weeks to seasons, extending into the future as far as technically feasible, and over the domain of land, ocean, and atmosphere, extending into the stratosphere.

Services and products are distributed to users in the government, the research community, private industry, and the public, both in this country and abroad. The CPC supports and stimulates the use of climate data for applications in agriculture, energy, transportation, water resources, and health.

To support these services, the CPC engages in diagnostic research and studies of observations and forecast model output to improve the prediction, monitoring, and analysis of the physical climate system.

Update on Drought Conditions in the Southern Plains and the Southwest

July 17, 1996