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The NCEP-NCAR Analyses DVD contains one year of atmospheric analyses from several different sources. The dataset was assemble in order to allow researchers an easy way of estimating the uncertainity of the analyses.

The 2006 DVD contains analyses from:

  • Environment Canada (Canadian Meteorlogical Centre)
  • ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts)
  • NOGAPS (Fleet Numerical)
  • NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis (NCEP)
  • NCEP/DOE Reanalysis (NCEP)
  • UKMET (UK Meteorological Office)
The 2007 adds:
  • JRA-25/JCDAS (Japan Meteorological Agency)
  • ensemble software enabled for the flx/physics fields
  • improved display software
For 2008, we may add:
  • operational JMA analyses (Japan Meteorological Agency)

All the data were converted to a common grid (2.5 degree x 2.5 degree) grid for ease of comparisons. The pressure level data is twice daily and the "flux" fields are daily averages. The fields on the DVD depends on what was sent by GTS and what was available on our local systems.

Order from NCAR at


Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop 2007 (pdf)


12/19/2008: The 2007 DVD should be shipping soon. Mine may get here by the December 25th.

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