Last Resort for FTP2U Problems

If you have problems downloading Reanalysis data, have you considered the Reanalysis CD-ROMs?

Yes, we considered having anonymous-FTP access to our
data but we were not allowed because of computer security.

Assuming you filled in the FTP information correctly, problems with using the FTP2U servers are usually related to either no ftp server on your machine, a firewall from hell ® or slow networks causing timeouts in the software. You can get around these problems by first sending the data to a small anonymous ftp server at NCEP. Afterwards you can retreive the data by a normal anonymous ftp download. You can use the directories at

Since some people never clean up their messes (just ask my wife), files put in the above directories will be deleted automatically after 1 hour, 3 hours and 2 days, respectively. Since you are sharing the directories with other people, you should make your own subdirectories in order to avoid problems with other people trying to use the same file name.

Detailed Instructions

Step 1: make a directory in

  1. ftp
  2. login with the account/name: anonymous
  3. and password: your e-mail address
  4. cd /incoming_1hr
  5. dir (check to see listing of used UniqueIDs)
  6. mkdir UniqueID (last name? first name?)
  7. exit from ftp

Step 2: FTP2U the files to

  2. User-id=anonymous
  3. password=(your email address)
  4. Directory=/incoming_1hr/UniqueID (from Step 1)
  5. new-name prefix= (leave field blank)

Step 3: retrieve files from

Please be limit the total space to 1 GB. You can find the size of the already transferred files by by checking your files in /incoming_1hr/UniqueID. The files in /incoming_1hr are deleted after 1 hour. If you need more time, use /incoming_3hr or /incoming2. In these directories, the data are deleted after 3 hours and 2 days, respectively. Since these filesystems are smaller and the data is purged less frequently, please use a smaller "quota".

People who ignore the quotas on these directories have deprived others from using this anonymous FTP service. BTW quotas don't apply to me. :)


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