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wgrib2: -get_ieee


The -get_ieee option prints the selected parts of the grib message as an IEEE floating point number.


SECTION = section number of the grib message to print
OCTET = the octet number to print
N = number of IEEE float to print (4 octets per IEEE number)


$ wgrib2 rtgssthr_grb_0.083_awips.grib2
  : field is surface temperature, SST over water
$ wgrib2 rtgssthr_grb_0.083_awips.grib2 -packing -v
1:0:packing=grid point data - jpeg2000 compression,j val=(27133+i*2^0)*10^-2, i=0..8191 (#bits=13)
  : jpeg2000 packing, reference value is 27133
$ wgrib2 rtgssthr_grb_0.083_awips.grib2 -get_ieee 5 12 1
  : for jpeg2000 packing, the reference value is stored in Section 5, octet 12-15
See also: -get_byte -get_byte -get_int

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