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wgrib2: -ieee


The -ieee option writes the grid values to a specified file in IEEE format (C: float, Fortran: real). The default endian is "big", but that can be changed by the -big_endian and -little_endian options.

By default, the data are written out in WE:SN order (see -order option) with f77 header/trailer (see -no_header option). The undefined value is 9.999e20. The output format is unchanged from wgrib except the order can now be specified.

The default is to write a 4 byte header and trailer with the record size in bytes. No header and trailer are written if the header flag is off by the -no_header option.

The default is write the grid point data in WE:SN order. The ordering of the data can be changed to raw or WE:NS by the -order option.

The default endian of the header, trailer and data are in big endian order. This can be changed to little endian by the -little_endian option.

The -ieee option is slower than the -bin option and may not be exact on an ieee machine because all grid point data is converted from the native format into ieee format by a software routine.


-ieee file_name


$ wgrib2 test.grb2 -s | grep ":RH:2 m" | wgrib2 -i test.grb2 -ieee data.bin
285:36796469:d=2005090200:RH:2 m above ground:60 hour fcst
The above line extracts the 2 meter RH from file test.grb2 and writes it in data.bin

      wgrib                ==>                 wgrib2

      -header -ieee -o out.bin                 -header -order raw -ieee out.bin
      -ieee -o out.bin                         -order raw -ieee out.bin

See also: -text, -netcdf -spread -bin -big_endian -little_endian

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