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wgrib2: -if_delayed_error


Wgrib2 v3.0.1 introduces delayed errors. The (-if_delayed_error) allows you to check the delayed error flag and perhaps run a process to fixed the delayed errors. Unlike most -if options, there isn't an equivalent -elseif_delayed_error option.

If you are interested in writting an "if" option for wgrib2, the source code, If_delayed_error.c, is an ideal example.


fields with delayed errors will have the full inventory printed $ wgrib2 bad_n_header.grb2 -if_delayed_error -s -endif -reset_delayed_error 1:0:delayed_error=0 2:154212:delayed_error=0 3:308556:delayed_error=0 4:311920:delayed_error=0 5:312107:delayed_error=0 6:324894:delayed_error=0 7:325081:delayed_error=0 8:330180:delayed_error=0 9:345421:delayed_error=0 10:401570:delayed_error=0 11:401757:delayed_error=0 12:401944:delayed_error=0 13:477882:delayed_error=0 14:615677:delayed_error=0 15:803947:delayed_error=0 16:899104:delayed_error=0 17:1041002:delayed_error=0 18:1190330:delayed_error=0 19:1194054:delayed_error=0 ** ERROR bad grib message: Statistical Processing bad n=0 ** 20:1194241:d=2017041700:LRGHR:1 hybrid level:::delayed_error=18 21:1229461:delayed_error=0 22:1383477:delayed_error=0 23:1383916:delayed_error=0 24:1384103:delayed_error=0 ..


-if_delayed_error   will enter if block if there is a delayed error

See also: -reset_delayed_error,

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