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wgrib2: -ilat


The -ilat option prints the latitude, longitude and value of ith grid point. For example, you get a text output and you were curious about the lat-lon of the fifth grid on the list. You would use this option to get the value and its location.

The -ilat option uses the Fortran convention which has the index starting from one. In addition, the index is for the output grid may differ from the input grid.


-ilat i
      i = 1 .. number of grid points


-sh-2.05b$ wgrib2 ens.grb -ilat 5
1:0:grid pt 5,lon=4.000000,lat=-90.000000,val=18168.8
2:45932:grid pt 5,lon=4.000000,lat=-90.000000,val=8e-07
3:89724:grid pt 5,lon=4.000000,lat=-90.000000,val=2.6e-06
4:144624:grid pt 5,lon=4.000000,lat=-90.000000,val=8309.4
5:198928:grid pt 5,lon=4.000000,lat=-90.000000,val=205.9
See also: -ijlat, -lon -ll2i -scan

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