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wgrib2: -misc


We need names to identify objects and people. In the beginning, there was variable names (ex. TMP, HGT), the level (ex. surface, 500 mb) and a date code (ex. 2017010100, x seconds after 1 Jan. 1970). Then there was a need for forecast time (ex. 12 hour forecast) and accumulations/averages (0-6 hour accumulation). Life became more complicated and wgrib2 used the -misc option to print out the additional items necessary for identification. The -misc will change with time as more details are needed to identify the fields. As of 9/2017, -misc includes ensemble information (ex 10th member), probability (10% forecast), spatial processing, wave_partition, JMA specific, climatology, error, confidence indicator, chemical information and aerosol information. The -misc option is called by the -s option and many other similar options.




$ wgrib2 percentile_precip.grib2 -stats
1:0:75% level
2:315649:90% level
$ wgrib2 percentile_precip.grib2 -s
1:0:d=2014101012:TPRATE:surface:2@1 hour max(13-14 hour acc fcst)++,missing=0:75% level
2:315649:d=2014101012:TPRATE:surface:2@1 hour max(13-14 hour acc fcst)++,missing=0:90% level

See also: -s

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