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wgrib2: -rewind_init CW2


The wgrib2 library can either close or not close the files after calls to the wgrib2 subroutine. Closing the file frees up resources and helps prevent you from getting the "Too Many Files Open" error message. However, reopening files is a slow operation and you usually keep the files open if you plan to read/write to the file again.

If you are reading from a previously opened and not-closed file, you will normally continue reading from where the last call to the wgrib2 subroutine stopped. Sometimes this is the preferred behavior. Sometimes, you want the library to start reading the file from the beginning.

The -rewind_init option rewinds an already open file in the setup or pre-processing phase. It is commonly used to rewind the inventory when searching from matching records.


-rewind_init FILE
  FILE must be already opened
  This command is only useful in callable wgrib2
See also: -persistent -rewind_final -rewind_proc -transient

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