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wgrib2: -set


Please see new grib for the basic concepts of making new grib files.

The -set option changes specific metadata of the in-memory grib (sub-)message. Expect the list of supported fields to expand as needed. At present, the -set option only changes fields within the grib file. There is some overlap between various -set_* options and the -set option. (Ex. -set_center N, and -set center N.) The -set option is the newer method.

Parameters that can be set

The available parameters that can be set will depend on the version of wgrib2 being used. To see the parameter available,

$ wgrib2 grib_file -set junk junk
*** FATAL ERROR: set: allowed values: discipline, center, subcenter, master_table, local_table, 
background_process_id, analysis_or_forecast_process_id, model_version_date, chemical, table_1.2, 
table_1.3, table_1.4, table_3.0, table_3.1/GDT, table_3.2, table_3.3, table_3.4, table_4.0/PDT, 
table_4.1, table_4.2, table_4.3, table_4.5a, table_4.5b, table_4.6, table_4.7, table_4.8, 
table_4.10, table_4.11, table_4.230, table_5.0/DRT, table_6.0, % ***
"grib_file" has to be a grib file, and "junk" is any non-supported parameter.


-set X Y             X=field, Y=integer/float/long long int
                     depending on X

                     To find the values of X, use: wgrib2 - -set help all

Fields (as of wgrib2 v2.0.1)

  1. discipline or table_0.0 (fixed v2.0.5)
  2. center
  3. subcenter
  4. master_table or table_1.0
  5. local_table or table_1.1
  6. background_process_id
  7. analysis_or_forecast_process_id
  8. model_version_date
  9. table_1.2
  10. table_1.3
  11. table_1.4
  12. table_3.0
  13. table_3.1 or GDT
  14. table_3.3
  15. table_3.4
  16. table_4.0 or PDT
  17. table_4.1
  18. table_4.2
  19. table_4.3
  20. table_4.6
  21. table_4.10
  22. table_4.11
  23. table_5.0 or DRT
  24. table_6.0

Fields (as of wgrib2 v2.0.8)

  1. most are obvious and take an integer argument
  2. %: integer 0..100, percentage forecast
  3. model_version_date: YYYYMMDDHHmmss, for PDT 4.60 and 4.61


$ wgrib2 -set center 99 -center
1:0:center=De Bilt, Netherlands
2:46042:center=De Bilt, Netherlands
3:63079:center=De Bilt, Netherlands
4.1:86046:center=De Bilt, Netherlands
The -set_var option will rename all the fields in a grib file. If you only want to rename specific fields, you will have to use the -if and -fi options.

See also: -fi, -grib, -grib_out, -if -set_metadata

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