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wgrib2: V3.0.0

Changes from wgrib2 v2.0.8 to v3.0.0

Wgrib2 gets a new numbering convention (XX.YY.ZZ).

   new wgrib2 numbering convention XX.YY.ZZ

   XX = incremented with major source code changes (infrequently)
   YY = incremented with software code changes (approximately yearly releases)
   ZZ = incremented with minor code releases

Normally wgrib2 gets updated annually. It ususally takes that long to get enough updates to make it worthwhile for an upgrade. Of course, some users may need that latest feature and need the latest ZZ release. The schedule of the annual releases can vary widely. The expected Feb 2020 release was delayed to September 2020 to incorporate a python interface.

Hightlights for v3.0.0

The upgrade from v2.0.8 was deemed a major release because of the new IF-block structure and the shared library for python. Scripts written with the new IF block structure are not downward compatible, and I think that the python interface is a big deal.

  • A real if/elseif/else/endif structure
  • -import_grib_fs, import grib2 that matches a text string
  • -new_grid location, interpolate to specified locations
  • -new_grid_format: can write interpolated fields to grib, binary or ieee
  • support of AOCC (AMD Optimizing C Compiler), based on clang/flang
  • updated grib variable table
  • fixed and increased functionality of -import_netcdf
  • -ens_processing: do not use v2.0.8, major problem with some versions of gcc
  • added spectral interpolation to -new_grid
  • support making shared library (gnu compilers under linux and MacOS)
  • support for python interface (linux, MacOS)
Wesley Ebisuzaki, 5/4/2020, revised 9/22/2020, 11/13/2020

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