NCEP/Climate Prediction Center ATLAS No. 8

Relationships Between El Nino-Southern Oscillation and the Arctic Oscillation: A Climate-Weather Link

Table of Contents
1.  Introduction
2.  Methodology
          Table 1.  CPC classification of ENSO phase by season
3.  The ENSO only composites
           Table 2. Number of Seasons in ENSO composites
           Table 3.  ENSO composite figures
4.  The AO only composites
Table 4.  Number of days in AO composites
Table 5.  AO composite figures
5.  The AO-ENSO link
Table 6.  Number of days of in AO/ENSO Composites
Table 7.  Average Duration
Table 8.  AO/ENSO composite figures
6.  Significance test for temp and precipitation composites
          Table 9. Significance tests for temperature composites
          Table 10. Significance tests for precipitation composites


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