Long Lead Forecast Tool

Ensemble Canonical Correlation Analysis (ECCA)
Oct-Nov-Dec 2015
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The predictors used in this forecast are :

More Outlooks

0.5mn AMJ 2015
1.5mn MJJ 2015
2.5mn JJA 2015
3.5mn JAS 2015
4.5mn ASO 2015
5.5mn SON 2015
6.5mn OND 2015
7.5mn NDJ 2015 - 16
8.5mn DJF 2015 - 16
9.5mn JFM 2016
10.5mn FMA 2016
11.5mn MAM 2016
12.5mn AMJ 2016
light orange Above normal light orange Below normal
dark orange Above normal skill area dark blue Below normal skill area
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