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Degree Days Outlook
Degree Day Outlook for Major United States Cities
The outlook for heating and cooling degree days for a base of 65 degree F is provided for each of the 13 overlapping 3-month seasons specified in the CPC seasonal outlooks. Details on the derivation of this product are also provided.
Population Weighted Degree Day Outlook for States and Regions
The outlook for population weighted monthly total heating and cooling degree days for states and selected regions in the U.S.
CAVEAT EMPTOR: This product provides forecasts for degree days in numbers of degree days. Users should be aware that there is a large amount of uncertainty in climate forecast. The CPC probability of exceedence outlook attempts to quantify the uncertainty using expressions of probability. Users will need to hedge their decisions with the understanding that these probabilities are only estimates. It is the responsibility of the user to examine the product and its accuracy to their own satisfaction. CPC shall not accept responsibility for the consequences of using these forecasts.
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