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August 2006
updated September 15, 2006

Editor's Notes


Table of Atmospheric Indices Table T1
Table of SST Indices Table T2

Time Series
Southern Oscillation Index (SOI)
Tahiti and Darwin SLP Anomalies
OLR Anomalies

Equatorial SOI T2

200-mb Zonal Wind Anomalies
500-mb Temperature Anomalies
30-mb Zonal Wind Anomalies

850-mb Zonal Wind Anomalies T4

Equatorial Pacific SST Anomalies T5

Time-Longitude Sections
Mean and Anomalous Sea Level Pressure T6

Mean and Anomalous 850-mb Zonal Wind T7

Mean and Anomalous OLR T8

Mean and Anomalous SST T9

Pentad SLP Anomalies T10

Pentad OLR Anomalies T11

Pentad 250-mb Velocity Potential Anomalies T12

Pentad 850-mb Zonal Wind AnomaliesT 13

Anomalous Equatorial Zonal Wind T14

Anomalous and Mean Depth of the 20C Isotherm T15

Mean & Anomaly Fields
Depth of the 20C Isotherm T16

Subsurface Equatorial Pacific

Tropical Strip SST T18


850-mb Vector Wind T20

200-mb Vector Wind T21

200-mb Streamfunction T22

200-mb Divergence T23

200-mb Velocity Potential and
Divergent Wind


SSM/I Satellite Tropical
Precipitation Estimates

Cloud Liquid Water T27

Precipitable Water T28 

Mean and Anomalous Divergence and
Divergent Circulation (Pacific sector)

Mean and Anomalous Divergence and
Divergent Circulation (Atlantic sector)

Mean and Anomalous Zonal Wind
and Divergent Circulation (Western Pacific sector)

Mean and Anomalous Zonal Wind
and Divergent Circulation (Eastern Pacific sector)

Appendix 1: Outside Contributions

Tropical Drifting Buoys  A1.1  

Thermistor Chain Data  A1.2

TAO/TRITON Array Time-Longitude Section Mean  A1.3

TAO/TRITON Array Time-Longitude Section Anomalies A1.4

East Pacific SST and Sea Level  A1.5

Pacific Wind Stress and Anomalies  A1.6

Satellite-Derived Surface Currents - Pacific  A1.7

Satellite-Derived Surface Currents - Atlantic/Indian A1.8




Canonical Correlation Analysis Forecasts
Canonical Correlation Analysis SST anomaly prediction F1
Canonical Correlation ENSO Forecast F2

NCEP Coupled Model Forecasts
Forecast SST NINO 3 F4a

Forecast SST NINO 3.4 F4b

NCEP Markov Model Forecasts
Forecast SST Anomalies F5
Forecast SST Nino 3.4 F6

LDEO Forecast
Forecast of SST and Wind Stress F7
Forecast of Nino 3 SSTA F8

Linear Inverse Modeling Forecasts
Predicted SST Anomalies F9
Forecasts of NINO 3 Anomalies F10

Scripps/MPI Hybrid Coupled Model (HMC-3)  F11

ENSO-CLIPER Model Forecast  F12

IRI Niņo 3.4 Summary F13



Table of Teleconnection Indices - Table E1

Surface Temperature - Anomalies and Percentiles E1

Monthly Temperature Time Series E2

Surface Precipitation (CAMSOPI)- Anomaly and Percentiles E3

Time Series of Selected Global Precipitation Estimates (CAMSOPI) E4

Time Series of U. S. Precipitation Estimates (CAMSOPI) E5

U. S. Precipitation   E6

Northern Hemisphere
Standardized Monthly Amplitudes of Selected Teleconnection Indices E7

Mean and Anomalous SLP E8

Mean and Anomalous 500-mb heights E9

Mean and Anomalous 300-mb Wind Vectors E10

500-mb Persistence E11

Time -Longitude Sections of 500-mb Height Anomalies E12

700-mb Storm Track E13

Southern Hemisphere

Mean and Anomalous SLP E14

Mean and Anomalous 500-mb heights E15

Mean and Anomalous 300-mb Wind Vectors E16

500-mb Persistence E17

Time -Longitude Sections of 500-mb Height Anomalies E18

Height Anomalies at selected levels S1

Height-longitude section S2

50-hPa Temperature Anomalies S3

2 & 10-hPa Temperature Anomalies S4

Total Ozone Anomalies (Time Series) S5

Hemispheric Ozone Anomalies (Map) S6

Daily vertical component of EP flux S7 

Ozone Hole  S8

Appendix 2: Additional Figures

Arctic Oscillation and 500-hPa Anomalies  A2.1

Snow Cover  A2.2

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