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December 2001 - February 2002


ENSO Diagnostic Discussion

Sea-Surface Temperatures
Global:             Seasonal   Monthly   Animation
Tropical Pacific:                Monthly   Animation
North Atlantic:                 Monthly   Animation

Sub-Surface Temperatures
Depth-longitude Section:   Seasonal   Animation

Atmospheric Circulation
Sea Level Pressure (SLP):   Seasonal
850-hPa Winds:  Seasonal  Monthly:   Tropical Pacific   Tropical Atlantic
200-hPa Winds:  Seasonal  Monthly:   Tropical Pacific   Tropical Atlantic
200-hPa Streamfunction:   Seasonal   Monthly   Animation
200-hPa Heights and Anomalies:  Animation
Outgoing Longwave Radiation (OLR):  Seasonal  Monthly

Intra-Seasonal Oscillations
Sea Level Pressure (SLP)
200-mb Velocity Potential  5N-5S  10N-20N
Outgoing Longwave Radiation (OLR)
850-mb Zonal Wind Anomalies

Surface Temperatures and Precipitation
Seasonal Temperature and Precipitation Departures
Monthly Temperature and Precipitation Departures

United States Temperatures
Seasonal Mean Temperatures and Departures
Monthly Mean  Temperatures and Departures
Seasonal Mean Maximum and Minimum Temperatures and Departures
Monthly Mean Maximum Temperatures and Departures
Monthly Mean Minimum  Temperatures and Departures

United States Precipitation
U.S. Seasonal Precipitation and Departures
U.S. Monthly Precipitation and Departures  December  January  February  

NH 500 mb Heights and Anomalies:  Seasonal  Monthly  Animation
SH 500 mb Heights and Anomalies:  Seasonal  Monthly  Animation
300-mb Seasonal Winds and Anomalies:     NH     SH
Persistence of 500-hpa Height Anomalies:  NH     SH

Monthly Tabulated Indices  NH  Arctic Oscil.  Antarctic Oscil.  
Daily Tabulated Indices    NH  Arctic Oscil.  Antarctic Oscil.  
Daily Teleconnection Plots    All

Height Analyses:     NH     SH
Polar Height-Longitude Section of Heights and Temperature:   NH   SH
Polar Time-Height Cross-Section of Height Anomalies:   NH   SH
50-hPa Animations: Heights  and  Temperatures

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