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The CPC issues a UV Index forecast, special outlooks for drought, soil moisture, degree days and probability of exceedance; and verification of seasonal outlooks.

  • UV Daily Forecasts - To help people understand the effects on their skin of their exposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation, the CPC issues a map and text daily around 1:30 Eastern Time that gives the UV index forecast for the next day for cities in the United States.

  • Soil Moisture Outlooks - The CPC produces a soil moisture outlook for the next two weeks based on the National Weather Service (NWS) Medium Range Forecast (MRF), and monthly and seasonal forecasts based on the Constructed Analog on Soil Moisture (CAS).

  • Degree Days Outlooks - The CPC issues weekly United States cooling and heating degree day outlooks, which are given as population- weighted state, regional, and national averages.

  • "Probablility of Exceedance" Outlooks - This outlook product gives the probability that a temperature or precipitation quantity will be exceeded at the location in question for the given season at the given lead time of a month to a year. The locations are one of 102 climate regions in the mainland United States or an individual station in other regions.

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