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Accumulated Precipitation

Actual vs. Normal

Daily Precipitation (mm)

Last 90 Days

Click on the following locations to display time series of accumulated precipitation for various locations throughout Indonesia. In the time series, the thick line depicts the accumulated actual precipitation and the dashed, thin line shows the accumulated normal precipitation. Regions shaded green show precipitation surpluses; regions shaded brown show precipitation deficits. Blank areas indicate missing data.

Kuala Lumpur time series graphic Padana Tabing time series graphic Palembang time series graphic Djakarta Obsy time series graphic Malang time series graphic Bandjarmasin Ulin time series graphic Kuching time series graphic Kota-Kinabalu time series graphic Makassar time series graphic Menado time series graphic Map of Indonesia
1. Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia
2. Padana Tabing, Indonesia
3. Palembang, Indonesia
4. Djakarta, Indonesia
5. Malang, Indonesia
6. Bandjarmasin, Indonesia
7. Kuching, Indonesia
8. Kota-Kinabalu, Indonesia
9. Makassar, Indonesia
10. Menado, Indonesia

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