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Globally-merged, full-resolution (~4 km) IR data formed from the ~11 micron IR channels aboard the GMS-5, GOES-8, Goes-10, Meteosat-7 and Meteosat-5 geostationary satellites are available every 1/2 hour can be downloaded from CPC ftp server for the past 7 days. The most recent data on the server is 3 days older than present time due to agreements with the European community. The data have been corrected for zenith angle dependence to reduce discontinuities between adjacent geostationary satellites. Documentation is available that describes the data format and structure on CPC ftp server.


Janowiak J. E., R. J. Joyce, and Y. Yarosh, 2001: A Real-Time Global Half-hourly Pixel-Resolution Infrared Dataset and Its Applications. (Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., vol. 82, No.3., 205-217.)

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