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NOAA's 45th Climate Diagnostics & Prediction Workshop

Logan, Utah,
20–22 October 2020

Workshop Announcement

NOAA's 45th Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop will be held in the scenic mountain town of Logan, Utah on 20–22 October 2020. The workshop will be hosted by the Utah Climate Center at Utah State University and is co-sponsored by the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) and the Climate Services Branch (CSB) of the National Weather Service (NWS).

The workshop will focus on four major themes, with an emphasis on climate prediction, monitoring, attribution, diagnostics, and service delivery related to:

  • Monitoring, attribution, and prediction of climate variability across spatial and temporal scales, with an emphasis on the forecast attribution of climate anomalies in dynamical forecast systems. Topics will also include diagnostics and attribution of extreme events worldwide, and Arctic impact on mid-latitude variability and predictability.
  • Applications of modern technologies including GIS, machine learning, and software development at Sub-seasonal to Seasonal (S2S) time scales.
  • Improving methods for regional applications of climate forecast information for disruptive weather and water events, communication practises for S2S impact-based decision support services, and assessment of the economic value of climate forecast information.
  • Prediction of hydroclimate over the western United States, including flooding precipitation, drought/pluvial, snowfall and snowpack, and other variables related to water resources.

The workshop will feature oral and poster presentations, lightning talks, invited speakers, and group discussions. Discounted student registration and some travel support for students may be available.


Registration information coming soon.

Abstract Submissions

Click the button below to submit an abstract for the workshop. You may also resubmit or delete a previously submitted abstract. If you have any difficulties, please send the required information on the web form as an attachment via email to Stephen Baxter (stephen.baxter[at] or Luke He (luke.he[at]

Submit an Abstract

The submission deadline is Friday, July 31, 2020.

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