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HOME > Monitoring_and_Data > Oceanic and Atmospheric Data > Reanalysis: Atmospheric Data > wgrib2-import_(bin,ieee,text,grib)

wgrib2: -import_bin, -import_ieee, -import_text, -import_grib


Wgrib2 will decode the grib file and save the decoded grid point values in a floating point array (DATA). The -import options read grid point values from a specified file and replace the values of DATA. The size of DATA and imported grid should match.

Note that the import functions will reset the scaling and precision of the grib writing (new files) to the default (ECMWF-style, 12 bits). Any -set_metadata should be done after the -import functions.


-import_bin data.bin              .. a binary (native format floating point) file
-import_ieee            .. a big-endian 32-bit ieee file
                                     note that the -header and -no_header affect the data file format
-import_text data.txt		  .. a text file
                                     note that the -header and -no_header affect the data file format
-import_grib data.grb		  .. a grib2 file
                                     -g2clib 2 is not supported
                                     conversion to we:sn and we:ns is supported
                                     reads next grid (message or submessage)
                                     -not and -match do not affect -import_grib

Note: grid size (if it can be determined) must match the current grid.

Example 1

wgrib2 IN.grb -bin dump.bin              .. make a binary sequential file of the fields dump.bin             .. alter dump.bin
wgrib2 IN.grb -set_grib_type same -import_bin -set_scaling same same -grib_out
The -import options reads the data for one field and overwrites the current grid point values. The -grib_out option writes a new grib message with the new grid point values.

Example 2: using import to write a grib file

template.grb2             is a single message (field/record) grib2 file with the appropriate grid
                          usually a simple type like 6 hour forecast or analysis
new.bin                   is a binary file with a single field with th same grid as template.grb2

wgrib2 template.grb2 -import_bin new.bin -set_var TMP -set_lev "2 m above ground" -set_ftime "anl" \
     -set_date 1999123112 -grib_out new.grb2

This commands writes new.bin as a grib2 file as TMP2m analysis at 12Z Dec 31, 1999.

See also: -import_netcdf, -set_grib_type, -set_scaling, -undefine, -grib_out, -set_date, -set_ftime, -set_lev, -set_var,

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