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Pattern Calculation Procedures: Description of Rotated Principle Component Analysis (RPCA) technique used to identify teleconnection patterns.

Index Calculation Procedures: Description of RPCA technique used to calculate monthly teleconnection indices.

Explained Variance time series showing monthly total explained variance by the ten leading teleconnections patterns.

Individual teleconnection patterns: Discussion, Height Anomaly Map, and plotted historical Time series for the period January 1950-March 1997

Historical Archive of all Indices: Monthly Tabulated Indices for all teleconnection pattern amplitudes dating back to 1950. Indices are standardized by the 1981-2010 climatology.

Recent Monthly Time series: Time series of pattern amplitudes for the last few years for selected teleconnection patterns, from the Climate Diagnostics Bulletin.

Link to The Climate Diagnostics Bulletin

Link to Annual Climate Assessment

Link to Special Climate Summaries

Link to some References in the Meteorological Literature concerning atmospheric teleconnection patterns.

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