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From time to time, CPC produces compendiums of multi-year regional data sets for various climate factors such as precipitation.

  • The second phase of the North American Monsoon Model Assessment Project (NAMAP2) was carried out to provide a coordinated set of simulations from global and regional models of the 2004 warm season across the North American monsoon domain. This project follows an earlier assessment, NAMAP, that preceded the 2004 field season of the North American Monsoon Experiment. Six global and four regional models are all forced with prescribed, time-varying ocean surface temperatures. Metrics for model simulation of warm season precipitation processes developed in NAMAP are examined that pertain to the seasonal progression and diurnal cycle of precipitation, monsoon onset, surface turbulent fluxes, and simulation of the low-level jet circulation over the Gulf of California.

  • North American Monsoon Model Assessment Project (NAMAP) Short Description - A set of comparable control runs for a single season (1990) generated by six independent modeling groups has been documented in order to assess the ability of state-of-the-art regional and global models to simulate the seasonal evolution and diurnal cycle of atmospheric circulation, hydrometeorology, and land surface flux fields across the domain of the North American monsoon system.

  • Pacific Islands Precipitation (1955-96) - A precipitation climatology for 66 tropical Pacific basin stations over the period of 1955-96. The main purpose of the climatology is to establish a background for defining thresholds of rainfall deficiency amount and duration associated with drought episodes on an individual island-to-island basis.

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