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  • Reflections on 25 Years of Analysis, Diagnosis & Prediction (1979-2004) - This publication provides an historic perspective on the creation of the Climate Prediction Center, which is one of seven Service Centers within NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP). The history is enriched by the "reflections" of the five Directors who have guided The Center (initially the Climate Analysis Center and later the Climate Prediction Center), over the past 25 years.
  • Monthly Climate Diagnostics Bulletin - Technical discussion of current and previous months climate events.
  • Annual Assessments - Technical review of global climate variations and their global impacts.
  • Annual Winter Stratospheric Ozone Bulletin- Technical review of routine Northern and Southern Hemispheres monitoring programs; archive to 1994.

  • Proceedings of Climate Diagnostic and Prediction Workshop -Online proceedings are available from 2001, refer to hard copies for proceedings in previous years.
  • Special Summaries - Issued during major climate events to improve understanding of climatic influences on floods, droughts, or hurricanes.

  • Atlases - From time to time, the Climate Prediction Center produces compendiums of multi-year regional data sets for various climate factors such as precipitation.

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