Investigators Project Title

Funded Projects for FY24 (funding period: Aug 2024 - Aug 2026)

Bohua Huang (PI) - GMU
Jieshun Zhu (PI) - CPC

Improving GLobal Ocean Reanalysis (GLORe) to advance CPC ocean monitoring and sea ice outlook

Wei Zhang (PI) - Utah State
Cory Baggett (PI) - CPC

Advancing S2S precipitation outlooks through the Weather Regime-Gaussian Mixture Model Framework

Marybeth C Arcodia (PI) - CSU
Dan C. Collins (PI)
Elizabeth A. Barnes (Co-PI) - CSU
Emerson LaJoie (Co-PI) - CPC

Improving Week 3-4 precipitation forecasts by leveraging forecasts-of-opportunity identified via explainable machine learning

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1)   Test the most relevant and promising research advances

2)   Make NCEP infrastructure and expertise available to the external community

3)   Deploy the developments arising from funded MAPP-CTB research projects into NCEP operational climate forecast systems, products, and applications


MAPP-CTB Funded Projects