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US Daily Temperature Analyses
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Daily Update - 1500Z
mean, maximum / minimum - 1 day ago
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Stations Used in Latest Daily Analyses
To access final, quality controlled data, visit NCEI. These plots use preliminary real-time data.
About the Analyses
DATA SOURCE: Climate Assessment Data Base (CADB) ~1500 stations per day. Climatologies used to calculate the anomalies were updated to use the 1991-2020 climatology dataset as of June 29, 2021.

RESOLUTION: 0.5 degree x 0.5 degree

DOMAIN: 20N - 60N; 140W - 60W

FORMAT: The format is sequential 32-bit IEEE floating point created on a big_endian platform (e.g. cray, sun, sgi and hp). The undefined (missing) value is 9999.

WINDOW: Day 1 analysis is valid for the window from 06Z on day 0 to 06Z on day 1

ANALYSIS SCHEME: Shepard algorithm

QUALITY CONTROL: Climatological standard deviation check. If a reported value is more than 4 standard deviations removed from the historical distribution, the value is omitted from the analysis.

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