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The Climate Prediction Center issues special climate outlook discussions assessing the impacts of persistent climate events.
El Niño - Southern Oscillation
The 1997-98 NIÑO: Impacts and Outlook - 97/3
EL NIÑO Implications for the 1997 Southwest Drought and Fall/Winter Precipitation - 97/2
Drought Across the Southern States; Increased Rainfall Ends Florida Wildfires; Decreased Storminess in Northern Half of Country; Very Hot in West - 98/2
Drought Across the Southern States - Wet and Stormy In the Northern Half of Country - 98/1
Update on Drought in the Southern Plains and the Southwest: Special Climate Summary - 96/3
Drought in the Southern Plains and the Southwest: Special Climate Summary - 96/2
Flooding in the Pacific Northwest - 97/1
Atmospheric Conditions Associated with the 1997 North Atlantic and North Pacific Hurricane Season - 97/4
Winter and Summer
SUMMER 1996: Cool & Wet From the Great Plains Eastward - Hot And Dry in the West - 96/4
Climate Conditions During the 1995-96 Northern Hemisphere Winter: Special Climate Summary - 96/1

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