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Ensemble Mean AO Outlook

  • Current Conditions

The daily AO index is constructed by projecting the daily (00Z) 1000mb height anomalies poleward of 20°N onto the loading pattern of the AO. Please note that year-round monthly mean anomaly data have been used to obtain the loading pattern of the AO (Methodology).  Since the AO has the largest variability during the cold season, the loading pattern primarily captures characteristics of the cold season AO pattern.

The daily AO index and its forecasts using GFS and Ensemble mean forecast data are shown for the previous 120 days as indicated. Each daily value has been standardized by the standard deviation of the monthly AO index from 1979-2000.

  • Monthly mean AO index since January 1950
  • Animations (circulations)
  • Time-Longitude Sections (circulations)

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  • Outlooks

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  • Publications

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