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El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Diagnostic Advisory (from June 10, 1997) -- Climate Prediction Center

Dynamically Based Forecasts for Tropical Pacific SST through Summer 1998 Using an Improved Hybrid Coupled Ocean-Atmospheric Model -- Tim Barnett, David Pierce, Nicholas Graham and Mojib Latif

Forecasts of Tropical Pacific SST Using a Simple Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamical Model -- Stephen Zebiak and Mark Cane

Forecasts of Tropical Pacific SST Using a Comprehensive Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamical Model -- Ming Ji, Arun Kumar and Ants Leetmaa

Tropical Pacific SST Predictions with a Coupled GCM -- Ben Kirtman, Bohua Huang, J. Shukla and Zhengxin Zhu

Forecasts of Niño 3 Tropical Pacific SST Using a Low Order Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamical Model -- Richard Kleeman

Forecasts of Tropical Pacific SST Using a Dynamical Ocean Model Coupled to a Statistical Atmosphere -- Magdalena Balmaseda, David Anderson and Michael Davey

A Dynamical One-Month Lead Seasonal Rainfall Prediction for July to September 1997 for North Africa from 20N to the Equator -- Mike Harrison, Tony Evans, Mike Davey and Andrew Colman

Dynamical Seasonal Prediction of the Indian Summer Monsoon -- Mike Harrison, M. K. Soman, Mike Davey, Tony Evans, Kelvyn Robertson and Sarah Ineson

Multiple Regression and Discriminant Analysis Predictions of Jul-Aug-Sep 1997 Rainfall in the Sahel and Other Tropical North African Regions -- Andrew Colman, Michael Davey, Michael Harrison, Tony Evans and Ruth Evans

Neural Network to Predict "Short Rains" at the Coast of East Africa for Boreal Autumn 1997 -- Larry Greischar and Stefan Hastenrath

Rainfall Prediction for the Austral Winter in Central Chile Based on a CCA Forecast and a Niño 3 Analog Evolution Approach -- Aldo Montecinos and Patricio Aceituno

CCA Forecast for Sahel Rainfall in Jul-Aug-Sep 1997 -- Wassila Thiao and Anthony Barnston

Linear Regression Forecast of Central England Temperature for July-August 1997 -- Andrew Colman and Michael Davey

Forecast of Pacific-Indian Ocean SSTs Using Linear Inverse Modeling -- Cécile Penland, Klaus Weickmann and Catherine Smith

Forecast of Northern Tropical Atlantic SST Using Linear Inverse Modeling -- Cécile Penland and Ludmila Matrosova

LAD Multiple Linear Regression Forecasts of Atlantic Tropical Storm Activity for 1997 -- William Gray, Christopher Landsea, Paul Mielke, Kenneth Berry and John Knaff

Application of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation CLImatology and PERsistence (CLIPER) Forecasting Scheme -- John Knaff and Christopher Landsea

Forecasts of Niño 3.4 SST Using Neural Network Models -- Benyang Tang, William Hsieh and Fred Tangang

Forecasts of Niño 3 SST Anomalies and SOI Based on Singular Spectrum Analysis Combined with the Maximum Entropy Method -- Ning Jiang, Michael Ghil and J. David Neelin

Analogue (Non-Linear) Forecasts of the Southern Oscillation Index Time Series -- Wasyl Drosdowsky

Constructed Analogue Prediction of the East Central Tropical Pacific SST through Winter 1998-99 -- Huug van den Dool

Consolidated Forecasts of Tropical Pacific SST in Niño 3.4 Using Two Dynamical Models and Two Statistical Models -- David Unger, Anthony Barnston, Huug van den Dool and Vern Kousky

Seasonal Prediction of Summer Monsoon Rainfall in Central-East China -- Xu Qun and Yang Qiuming

Precipitation Forecasts for the Tropical Pacific Islands Using Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) -- Yuxiang He and Anthony Barnston

Experimental CCA Forecasts of Canadian Temperature and Precipitation--Jan-Feb-Mar 1998 -- Amir Shabbar and Anthony Barnston

Forecasts of Surface Temperature and Precipitation Anomalies over the U.S. Using Screening Multiple -- Linear Regression -- David Unger

Forecasts of U.S. Coastal SST Using Canonical Correlation Analysis -- Anthony Barnston and Yuxiang He

Summary of NCEP's Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA), Optimal Climate Normals (OCN), and Coupled Model Forecasts for U.S. Surface Climate -- Anthony Barnston

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