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The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) issues maps showing the probability of exceeding thresholds of above and below normal conditions for temperature and precipitation. These outlooks are issued from 2 weeks to 13 months in advance for the lower 48 states and Hawaii and other Pacific Islands. The CPC also makes available versions of these outlooks giving temperature (degrees Fahrenheit) and precipitation (inches) for the lower 48 states by climate regions (Probability of Exceedence), analysis and outlooks of tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures (SSTs) which indicate El Niño or La Niña episodes, and skill scores of the CPC outlooks.



  • United States Outlook Maps - The CPC produces an outlook map of the probability of 30-day total precipitation and temperature departing from normal accompanied by a technical discussion.

  • United States Color Graphics Map - Maps show areas of the country that are expected to experience departures from normal for temperature and precipitation during the next 30 days.

  • Hawaii Outlook - The Hawaii 30-day outlook (text only) discusses departures from normal for temperature and precipitation.

  • Monthly Drought Outlook - The CPC issues the Monthly United States Drought Outlook on the last day of each month.


  • United States Seasonal Outlook Maps and Graphs - The CPC issues seasonal outlooks of the probability of deviations from normal temperature and precipitation, for the lower 48 states, for a total of 13 seasons, each of which covers a period of 3 adjacent calendar months; technical discussion of the long-range outlook; and skill levels for each season's outlook; normals; and probability that a temperature or precipitation quantity will be exceeded for a climate region for the given season at the given lead time of two weeks to a year. These outlooks are issued on on Thursday about mid-month.

  • Tropical Pacific Islands Graphs - The CPC provides various rainfall outlooks for United States and non-United States affiliated Pacific islands based on Correlation Analysis (CCA) model. Seasonal outlooks of rainfall deviations from normal at selected tropical Pacific stations are given for overlapping 3-month periods out to a year.

  • Seasonal Drought Outlook - The CPC issues the Seasonal United States Drought Outlook each month in conjunction with the Thursday release of the long-lead temperature and precipitation outlooks near the middle of the month.

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