Climate Assessment Database (CADBv2)
Global Station Observation Summaries

Preliminary global station observation summary data
Final (more quality controlled) station data available at NCEI

CADBv2 data available starting January 1, 2020

**Updated quality control features for improved data made April 18, 2023**
See the Technical Notices link below for details

Latest change in notice: April 18, 2023

Technical Notices

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Update Schedule:

Daily: Daily at 8am EST or EDT
Weekly: Every Sunday at (1500 UTC) 10 am EST | 11 am EDT
Monthly: Every first of the month (1500 UTC) 10 am EST | 11 am EDT

Summary Type:

Additional Weekly Data – Cities Listing Tables

Additional Monthly Data – Cities Listing Tables

Archived weekly and monthly city data (wcty and mcty files)

Global station normals

About the CADB Data