Climate Assessment Database (CADBv2)
Global Station Observation Summaries

Preliminary global station observation summary data
Final (more quality controlled) station data available at NCEI

CADBv2 data available starting December 1, 2019

NOTICE: As of June 26, 2020 the summary files have a new column containing station call letters
to the right of the station ID column.
Please see the Technical Notices link below for details on other changes.
Latest change in notice: July 10, 2020

Technical Notices

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Update Schedule:

Daily: Daily at 8am (valid previous day)
Weekly: Every Sunday at (1500 UTC) 10 am EST | 11 am EDT
Monthly: Every first of the month (1500 UTC) 10 am EST | 11 am EDT

Summary Type:

Additional Weekly Data – Cities Listing Tables

Additional Monthly Data – Cities Listing Tables

Archived weekly and monthly city data (wcty and mcty files)

Global station normals

About the CADB Data